What do we do

Selection And supplier monitoring for large-scale distribution (Grande Distribution Organized)

Control of the origin of agricultural products (from integrated or organic agriculture) at production companies and packaging centers. Since 2001 we have been carrying out this activity for various national and international distributors. The diffusion of technicians on the territory allows us to operate in an economical and rapid way by coping with the need for visits or sampling. The control system is set up in agreement with the customer to identify customized intervention solutions. Our control systems activated up to now allow a complete and continuous monitoring of suppliers and their production companies. We do not limit ourselves to documentary control only or to the technical aspects of the production site, in fact our activity is aimed in particular at the knowledge of the company system and its conductors. The goal of our visits is to detect non-compliance with the required standards and also, where necessary, we provide our experience to accompany the company to adapt to what is requested by customers. Thanks to this work system, only serious and motivated companies they manage to get and / or maintain compliance with our controls. Thanks to our support, more and more companies are reaching standards that comply with the most restrictive European quality systems.

Assistance to operators for management of the Quality System

Often the Quality System is activated only because the customers request it, but it is rarely consistent with the needs of the structure. 

We assist companies in optimizing the Quality System and making it functional. 

Our business is carried out through:

  • control actions on the supply chain;
  • assistance in obtaining regulated certifications o voluntary;
  • assistance in improving production and conditioning processes, by identifying the critical points in the process;
  • production planning and choice of production addresses;
  • control actions, both documentary and in the field, at production companies;
  • control actions, both documentary and on processes, at conditioning structures;
  • check quality standards, procedures and them application; - study of markets, prices, the system regulatory and phytosanitary requirements for export;
  • study of processing technologies and packaging;
  • promotion and presentation on the market.

Product monitoring at the point of sale

Data collection activities at the Points of Sale for marketing and commercial development programs. We can provide the consortia for the protection of branded products (PDO, PGI, TSG, etc.) with information relating to the positioning of the brand at the various points of sale throughout the country through a continuous and statistically relevant survey of information.
We observe the physical conditions with which the product reaches the point of sale, the methods of presentation and the price differences compared to products of the same category. There is also the possibility of carrying out checks on the right to use the trademark and carrying out samples to verify compliance with the characteristics defined in the specification.