Agroquality srl has been active in the field of control of the supply chains of organic and branded products since 2001, over twenty years of activity alongside the most important national and international companies and organizations that operate in the distribution, control and organization of organic and branded products. Our activity aims to accompany the production chains towards the standards required by our customers and, consequently, by the reference market and by the regulations in force.

Pizzi Osvaldo e C. Spa

Historic supplier of organic fruit and vegetables in Esselunga

Biosic srl

Italian distributor of organic products vs. Italian and foreign specialized dealers


Important French platform for the distribution of organic products

Food Experts

Spanish company that controls the fruit and vegetable supply chain

Lehmann Natur

Important German platform for the distribution of organic products


Quality system certification and control company


National association of organic operators

Associazione Punta Stilo

Association of Calabrian organic companies